“Candy DeHaan is an exceptional Township Clerk!!  A year ago, we moved into Jamestown Township.  Candy greeted us with a beautiful smile, and a very warm welcome.  Her kindness and efficiency helping us get settled into the district was amazing.  She is very knowledgeable, and is always prompt in responding to my inquiries.  She is a wonderful representative of our community. I am proud to endorse Candy’s re-election to Jamestown Charter Township Clerk.” Cheryl Walbridge, Jamestown Resident

“Candy DeHaan has earned the voters’ support for another term as Clerk of Jamestown Charter Township. In her first term in office, she has devoted herself to learning and properly executing every aspect of what, in some seasons, is a complex position. She makes sure our elections run smoothly, and she is on the front line – just inside the town hall doors – of serving citizens, in addition to faithfully serving the Township Board to assure their processes are correct and reflective of Jamestown values. As a former (16-year) state representative (in another state), I have seen the effects on citizens when government administrators serve well or poorly. Candy stands out in serving us well.” Penny Pullen, Jamestown Resident

“Candy is an exceptional Clerk and Jamestown is lucky to have her! I appreciate not only her promptness and efficiency in the job that she does but also her kindness and great attitude. She makes coming into the Township Hall a joy and gives Jamestown that special community feeling that we all moved here for. I strongly endorse Candy’s re-election to Jamestown Township Clerk.” Amanda Van Essen Wirth, Jamestown Resident

“Candy has done a great job as Clerk, always with a smile on her face. I have been friends with Candy for many years: seeing her at church as well as many Ottawa County/Michigan 2nd District GOP events and parades. She does Jamestown proud and has my vote.” Thomas Martinie, Jamestown Resident

“Candy DeHaan does an exceptional job as Jamestown Township Clerk, and I am honored to endorse her for another term.  It is a pleasure to come into the office and receive a friendly greeting prior to completing business.   I am impressed by her knowledge and the way she has organized elections so that we can register and vote with ease.  She helps makes it a pleasure to live in Jamestown Township.” Dr. Jack Holmes, Jamestown Resident and 2016 Presidential Elector

Ken Bergwerff

Candy DeHaan has spent untold hours in revolutionizing the Clerk’s office for the Township. As the official keeper of the records, she is performing a vital service to the township. The clerk is also in charge of elections. With the challenge of the first ever all-absentee ballot election, she has shown remarkable skill in a very challenging situation. All of this and with a wonderfully cheerful disposition!”  Supervisor Ken Bergwerff

Bonnie Oosterink

“In the last four years, Candy has exhibited the skills and abilities necessary to execute the duties in the office of Township Clerk. She puts in the time and work necessary to ensure the office runs smoothly and efficiently. I support Candy in her bid for Clerk in the upcoming election.” Deputy Supervisor Bonnie Oosterink

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